WaterColorBot: drawing robot kit

Wondrous young maker Super Awesome Sylvia and our friends at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories are hoping to release their amazing WaterColorBot as a kit. My 7-year-old son and I both want one, and we can vouch not only for Sylvia's awesomeness but the quality of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories kits! They've launched a Kickstarter for the WaterColorBot kit.

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  1. oskay says:

    @bbtimquinn (I'm Windell Oskay, one of the project creators.)

    Thank you for the feedback-- it genuinely had not occurred to us that it could be interpreted that way. (And now that you say it, I can see how it could be.) Our intention was to illustrate a youngster making signed and numbered copies to give to her parents, siblings, and other family members-- and we love that idea. We did not remotely mean to suggest that kids should be selling their artwork.

  2. We saw this at the KC Makers Fair a few weeks ago. Got to meet the maker and her dad. My 7 year old was absolutely fascinated by it. We spent more time at their exhibit than probably any other at the show. Great work.

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