This Day in Blogging History: Candlelit board game for adults & kids; Photo of people flinching away from flying baseball bat; Ejected from plane over "suspected terrorist" pin

One year ago today
Shadows in the Woods: candlelit board-game for kids and adults: The adult plays using a burning tea-light as his token. You play in a dark room, and the kids and adult take turns moving, with the adult turning away while the kids strategize and move.

Five years ago today
Photo of people flinching at a flying baseball bat: I imagine the looks of surprise on the people's faces are a goldmine for researchers like Paul Ekman, who study facial expressions and emotions.

Ten years ago today
John Gilmore: I was ejected from a plane for wearing 'Suspected Terrorist' button: "Suddenly a flight steward, Cabin Service Director Khaleel Miyan, loomed in front of me and demanded that I remove a small 1" button pinned to my left lapel."