X: The Unheard Music documentary

In 1977, the band X lit the fire that birthed the Los Angeles punk scene. Their impact on underground culture and music in California, and beyond, can't be overstated. X: The Unheard Music is a fantastic documentary that tells the story of the band, and where they came from. (Thanks, Patrick Kelly!)

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  1. Thanks! I am so down for this. My first impression of X was seeing The Decline Of Western Civ at my school's film committe showing because i was into Fear and Black Flag. As we know, X was the best and I was all "how have I never heard of this band!?" Never heard of this doc, though.

    Saw 'em at the Masquerade the first tour they reunited with Zoom, 02 I think it was. A packed house going bonkers and i swear they played every track off the first four albums. And yes, Zoom played his guitar blisteringly while gazing at the crowd like a goon, motionless the whole time.

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