Beating the heat with a refrigerated space helmet

John Young (who made this head-mounted water cannon I posted about in 2005) says:

Like most of the country, West Chester, PA is INSANELY hot and muggy right now.

In desperation, I connected a homemade swamp cooler (plastic bucket, bag of ice, electric fan) with a 3M positive-pressure welding helmet to make a: REFRIGERATED SPACE HELMET.

I think the next step is to switch to a battery-operated fan, put the cooler on a wagon, and then I can walk all around in delicious, frosty coolness.

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  1. Keep on at it, you'll have a Fremen stillsuit before you know it. Just remember to tuck it into your boots.

  2. May cooler heads prevail.

  3. Hi Jerwin! i think I paid, like... sixty... bucks for it?
    The Google juice is "3M W8000", which will show you a bunch of results on eBay. If I were looking for a helmet to do welding with, I would want of the new ones, but since I was looking for, you know, something to be Halloween-y with, I got one of the ones out of the "scratch and dent" section.

  4. Here we go!

    • 3m W8000 welding helmet
    • Generic five-gallon plastic bucket
    • Generic desk fan
    • Generic bag of ice
    • Generic styrofoam cooler
    • Plastic drain/bilge hose from the hardware store (I went with the white, because it looked more space-suit-y, but black is available too)

    Everything EXCEPT for the helmet is totally standard trip-to-the-hardware-store stuff.

  5. With the electric fan, I get a slight, barely-noticable (but pleasant) icy breeze. It's not that exciting, though.

    So I tried it with a shop-vac instead. Which generates a huge gust of air. It's like duct-taping a vacuum cleaner to your head. Because that's exactly what it is, I suppose!

    Here's a Vine I took with my phone jammed inside my helmet, with the shop-vac going:

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