Microsoft call center worker fired for hanging up on a neo-nazi

Julian says: "We all have to deal with call centers and they are alas today's dark Satanic mills. A place where you can get low pay, high stress and no recognition. A friend of mine was recently canned at one (a contractor for Microsoft), for hanging up on someone with a pro Nazi nym.

Around 6:15 PM PST on July 17th of this year, I got a call from Dave. Dave had some kind of an accounts issue, which we don’t normally touch. I told him I could transfer him to the Live department and they could take a look at the issue for him. Up to this point Dave seemed perfectly nice. He didn’t even give me shit about being named April and having a male-sounding voice. Then I asked him his gamertag.

“I’ll spell it out for you,” says Dave. “It’s H-E-E-B, and then it’s all together, no spaces, H-U-N-T-E-R, and then an S-S. So it should be HeebHunterSS with no spaces.”

Hanging up on a Nazi

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  1. I've spent years in the past working for large OEMs and with their customer service departments at all levels and I've never, ever heard of this form of abuse on employees. They jerk them around in so many ways but harassing them with racism is lawsuit-material.

    There is zero chance of your guess being reality.

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