Microsoft call center worker fired for hanging up on a neo-nazi

Julian says: "We all have to deal with call centers and they are alas today's dark Satanic mills. A place where you can get low pay, high stress and no recognition. A friend of mine was recently canned at one (a contractor for Microsoft), for hanging up on someone with a pro Nazi nym.

Around 6:15 PM PST on July 17th of this year, I got a call from Dave. Dave had some kind of an accounts issue, which we don’t normally touch. I told him I could transfer him to the Live department and they could take a look at the issue for him. Up to this point Dave seemed perfectly nice. He didn’t even give me shit about being named April and having a male-sounding voice. Then I asked him his gamertag.

“I’ll spell it out for you,” says Dave. “It’s H-E-E-B, and then it’s all together, no spaces, H-U-N-T-E-R, and then an S-S. So it should be HeebHunterSS with no spaces.”

Hanging up on a Nazi