Proficient Motorcycling

Recently recommended to me by a good friend, I'd never heard of David L. Hough's well-regarded guide to safer riding, Proficient Motorcycling. A very fun read for a foggy Saturday afternoon.

Full of wonderful commonsense advice and examples, Hough never loses track of the one thing that always keeps my attention when riding: it is the things you can not see in time that kill you. I've learned some new things, like approaching a curb or curb-sized bump at a 45deg angle or greater provides for much greater stability. His descriptions of how a motorcycle balances, traction works and all the general physics are the clearest and simplest I've found.

It isn't a skills refresher course, but I'm glad to have read it.

David L. Hough's Proficient Motocycling (Second Edition)

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  1. Also, PLEASE take a motorcycling training class like MSF. Learn the good habits, before you build your own bad habits. Do NOT learn from a friend, learn from people that know what they are doing and are trained in doing it.

  2. You want EPS (the hard styrofoam padding) in the chin bar, not just full faced. You need to absorb the impact with your helmet, not your jaw, or worse, your skull.

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