Footage of Haunted Mansion's Hatbox Ghost finally surfaces after 44 years

The Hatbox Ghost is the Great White Whale of Disney Haunted Mansion fandom, a remarkable spook-house effect (a ghost holding a hatbox has his head disappear and reappear in the box) that didn't work well in the ride. No one has been sure if it ever made it into production -- if anyone apart from Disney employees ever saw it in action -- but now, for the first time, footage of the actual Hatbox Ghost in the actual Haunted Mansion during general admission has surfaced. I am STOKED.

Update: Derp, I posted this in 2011! Shows you how beat I am after Comic-Con. Wizard needs sleep, badly.

Disneyland History 1969 - Mystery of the Hatbox Ghost

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  1. pilot says:

    All that cold brew coffee must be getting to his brain! Still, it's an awesome video.

  2. Derp. I am beat after Comic-Con!

  3. For my money, "utterly amused by everything" is one of the better symptoms of full-stop exhaustion to endure.

  4. Aww. I miss my read-along records.

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