Geek girls music video: nothing to prove


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  1. SweetieBird

    I am playing this for my 10-year-old daughter as soon as she gets back from her "Hands-on Tech" and "Methods of Warfare" classes at summer camp this afternoon.

    (sorry for the multiple post; this is my first time here and I fumbled a bit)

  2. joshberkbooks

    What a great song! Just wanted to tell that to the creators: Nice work.

  3. SirMarlorme

    I am thankful to the Doubleclicks for being willing to put themselves out there and help us to have a conversation that we have needed to have for a long time. Our culture (nerds/geeks) has some deep problems regarding gender and sexuality, and does not tend to be very good at addressing them in a respectful and adult way. Let's all take this as a signal to talk about it in the open.

  4. lishevita

    This made me teary and smiley at the same time. When I saw Adam Savage I cheered. Cheered again to see Wil Wheaton. Yes, it is good to have allies who GET IT. Hooted (quietly, it's after midnight) for a few of the statements on the cards, especially the "I'm older than your mother..." one. Yo! I relate, geeky grandma that I am. Shared the video onward immediately. Thank you, Cory!

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