LED Tetris tie

Bill Porter modded an open source hardware design for an LED tie and in one day created the LED Tetris Tie, grabbing pieces of free/open code and designs from around the Web to make his vision a reality. His documentation of the project is an inspiring look at the power and freedom of open. Shown above, v.2, which incorporates gameplay AI.

The tie is made out of 80 WS2811 based RGB LED pixels and is driven by a DigiSpark microcontroller. I pulled in this library written in assembly to drive the display and modified this tetris engine heavily to suit my needs. With limited RAM I had to strip out unneeded features and optimize the code that runs the game similar to Tetris to make it work, I also converted it to support color values as it was originally monochrome only. The code is a definite WIP but posted on here on  Github as I play with it in the future. Game moves are random and I plan to attempt some puzzle solving algorithms soon. I had all parts on hand and total project cost comes in around $50.

It’s powered by 2 18650 Li-Ion battery cells in a battery box I used for my Wedding Suit and had lying around. They are installed in a 3D printed battery box with switch.

LED Tetris Tie « The Mind of Bill Porter (via JWZ)