Killer Klowns from Outer Space


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  1. MrScience

    Oh, wow... I remember this movie as a kid. Definitely one of those that was viewed with a different lens as a child vs. adult.

  2. Stu_Hutson

    Well..."man-drinking" clowns, really...with crazy straws...

  3. CSMcDonald

    I was in the Navy when this came out, in A School up in Great Lakes, IL - I saw it in the theatre, in part because the title song was by The Dickies. Fun movie, fun effects.

  4. oyvindjakobsen

    This never opened in any theater in Norway, so I remember enjoying it as god intended - on VHS. I remember thinking it was awesome at the time.

  5. danieltuttle

    In fact, when I first heard of ICP in the 90's, I thought "Its like Killer Klowns in band form". Unfortunately, the movie remained the superior effort,

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