Europeans: sign petition calling on EU leaders to stop mass surveillance programmes

A coalition of European privacy, free speech and civil liberties groups have started a petition to the leaders of the EU, calling on them to stop governments from carrying out programs of mass, suspicionless, warrantless dragnet surveillance like Prism and Tempora (the US and UK programs revealed in Edward Snowden's NSA leaks). They need your signature, too:

We, the undersigned, call on our Heads of Government to clearly and unambiguously state their opposition to all systems of mass surveillance including the US's NSA PRISM system and similar systems in several countries in Europe. Europe’s leaders have not yet taken any action to stop this abuse of our right to privacy and freedom of expression.

We call on Europe’s leaders to place this issue firmly on the agenda for the next European Council Summit in October. They need to make it clear that they will do so.

They must take action to stop this abuse of our human rights.

The inaugural signatories include Index on Censorship, English PEN, Article 19, Privacy International, Open Rights Group and Liberty.

EU leaders: Stop mass surveillance

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  1. First they need to kick out the UK, the boot-licking fifth column of the US. I had hoped they'll leave on their own but the whiny EU critics in the UK seem slightly less noisy nowadays. Instead of undermining any effort in the EU to protect their citizens they can partner with their Big Daddy USA in abolishing every single civil right/liberty and/or human right.

    Or like those 'Murricans like to say: If you don't like it here - leave!

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