Building the prefab Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World

Imagineering Disney has a great gallery of construction shots of the Contemporary Resort, a huge, modernist A-frame structure whose rooms were all prefabbed offsite and crane-lifted into place.

WDW Construction: Contemporary Resort

Notable Replies

  1. It looks like some sort of Strangelovian 1950s RADAR

  2. Walt Disney Resorts: slowly redefining "contemporary" to mean "beige and disco" since 1979.

  3. The Contemporary screamed THE FUTURE! to me when I was a kid. The notion of a freaking MONORAIL was cool enough, but a FREAKING MONORAIL that slid smoothly through a building that may as well be a GODDAMN SPACE STATION was so cool as to be painful.

    Now, we lament how much corporate marketing foofarah gets shoved down kids' throats nowadays, but really, it wasn't that different when I was a kid growing up in the late 60s / early 70s. Disney had its own hour-long TV show on Sunday nights. It usually hosted a serialized movie, but a fair amount of the time it showed a program-length commercial for some Disney part attraction or another.

    There was also a Disney magazine distributed at GULF gas stations, back when gas stations gave stuff away to attract your business.

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