UK ISP's "active choice" on censorship: if you want censorship, go somewhere else, like North Korea

Andrews and Arnold is a professional-grade UK ISP, providing extremely high-reliability, high-speed Internet connections. The UK government has mandated that ISPs provide an "active choice" regarding network censorship -- that is, customers are meant to have to make an explicit statement if they don't want censorship on their lines. A&A's version of this active choice is simple: If you want a censored connection, you can sign up with a different ISP, or move to North Korea.

The government wants us to offer filtering as an option, so we offer an active choice when you sign up, you choose one of two options:-

  • Unfiltered Internet access - no filtering of any content within the A&A network - you are responsible for any filtering in your own network, or
  • Censored Internet access - restricted access to unpublished government mandated filter list (plus Daily Mail web site) - but still cannot guarantee kids don't access porn.

If you choose censored you are advised: Sorry, for a censored internet you will have to pick a different ISP or move to North Korea. Our services are all unfiltered.

Is that a good enough active choice for you Mr Cameron?

Real internet connection

(Image: Great Firewall of China, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from chidorian's photostream)

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  1. Loves me some British snark.

  2. From the linked page, regarding gag orders placed on businesses who cooperate with the government - "However, I, as director, am happy to answer direct questions on this matter on irc (user RevK) or on twitter (@TheRealRevK) and you can get paranoid if I refuse to."

  3. You'll need a 4000-mile-long CAT-5 cable. Hang on, lemme get my spool.

  4. They are full of win. They even tell people to use pgp for email further down on that page.

  5. I am saddened that it looks as if their service is both slower and more expensive than our current service. Otherwise, I'd go have a chat with my better half immediately about switching. No joke.

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