Elegant skull ring

9045 los ring full4I'm always looking for an elegant skull ring and this handcrafted silver-bronze handcrafted specimen from Lost Apostle is a beaut. "Look closely and you'll see each tooth is carved, the jaw bone tucked away behind the zygomatic arch and the nasal bones all beautifully detailed. Even the back of the jaw and teeth are carved, as is the roof of the mouth, showing the palatine bone and nasal aperture." It's $65 from our pals at ShanaLogic. "Silver Skull Ring"

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  1. Plus when you punch a bad guy on the jaw with it it leaves a skull mark that never comes off.

  2. My friend makes these awesome ones here in New Zealand. These are real sterling silver so slightly more cost.


    The bird skulls are the cool!

  3. pesco says:

    Thanks for these links! Most are much more expensive than this one but really nice options.

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