If recording your calls without playing them back isn't surveillance...

...then downloading music without listening to it isn't piracy

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  1. dhl says:

    Well said.

  2. And punching someone in the dark is a victimless crime!

  3. Solved!

    Now if only our governments knew shame.

  4. Even better. Blank Cassette tapes have a portion of their sell go directly to the RIAA.

    So if you purchased a blank cassette you paid for the legal right to record any music to that medium---it was yours. To listen too and use. (But not to sell).

    So....Download directly to Cassette; nothing says that you can't DL in digital format to the cassette. At that point you've legally 'owned' the content as you've paid the RIAA fee by purchasing the cassette.

    Then upload it from cassette...to you computer MP3 player whatever. like any other content you've paid the RIAA fee. for your personal use.

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