The strangely unsettling motivational posters of Silicon Valley

The "Startup Vitamins Monster Pack" is a set of 20 vaguely motivational, vaguely creepy posters designed to get Silicon Valley in gear. The combination of suave minimalist design, no-bullshit-here pretensions and boundless cliché—yes, there's a Keep Calm and Carry On parody!—feel like items in a William Gibson novel whereby Cayce Pollard, poisoned by Ukrainian gangsters, flees into Facebook's offices to use the sight of these posters to trigger emesis. [Startup Vitamins via Valleywag]

Notable Replies

  1. This one is especially cute since almost every single one of them is working on trivial first world consumer bullcrap like how to steal Craiglist feeds and present them with a tile UI and oh yeah, Facebook integration.

  2. IBM notoriously hanged a great number of posters saying merely "think!" around one of their shops.

    They were taken down after a series of vandalisms added the words "or thwim"...

  3. For the sake of efficiency I think we could combine a number of these posters, e.g.:

    Stay focused and get shit shipped is better than perfect details.

    Life is short. Break things that matter. Fail.

  4. True, I suppose. How about:

    "Less time in meetings. More time coming up with facile aphorisms."

  5. Not in the English language.

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