Dead WalMart reborn as library

A dead WalMart in McAllen, Texas has been remodelled as a library, making it the largest single-floor library in the USA. It's award-winning design makes excellent use of all that space -- two football fields' worth -- and includes an acoustically separated teen space.

The library even has an acoustically separated lounge for teens as well as 6 teen computer labs, 16 public meeting spaces, 14 public study rooms, 64 computer labs, 10 children’s computer labs and 2 genealogy computer labs. Other new features include self check-out units, an auditorium, an art gallery, a used bookstore and a cafe.

While you can still see hints of what the library once was in its sprawling shape and industrial ceilings, it seems like an entirely new space. According to PSFK, the library saw new user registration rise by 23% within the first month following the new library’s opening.

Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library [Steph/Web Urbanist]

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  1. Compared to Walmart, Starbucks is a magnanimous ruler showering its subjects in gold.

    This story begs the question though, how does one kill a Walmart?

  2. From what I've gathered: by not giving it tax breaks.

  3. snig says:

    Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle

    The journalism here is sometimes in keeping with the maker DIY approach. This one's on me, but next is all you.
    Edit: You did have a good point, but no reason for you to not credit them.

  4. snig says:

    My argument is that it's a big internet, and this site is normally worthwhile. Whining on the days it's not worthwhile for you fills the comments with whining that makes it less worthwhile. If you'd rather be somewhere else, go there. If you'd rather stay here, make it better by sharing an interesting story, illuminate the story with funny or informative comments, or express an opposing viewpoint in an informative respectful way. On the site, every day, there are always stories I find absolutely uninteresting, or repetitive on a topic I already feel is overly covered. I don't read or comment on those stories. I find it curious that others find it necessary to do so.

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