Bollywood song: "Aaj Ki Jhunli Raat Ma" (1969)

A jumping Bollywood track titled "Aaj Ki Jhunli Raat Ma" from the O.P. Ralhan film Talash (1969). More info from DJ/radio host Carl Hamm at DJ Carlito's blog.


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  1. carlhamm

    Thanks for blogging this David! Such a fun, beautiful, and for the most part, forgotten song (composed by S.D. Burman)... Hundreds of dancers in colorful clothes, brandishing spears, and dancing madly in a circle is always a good thing...

    Sharmila Tagore (the leading actress in this film) started her acting career at the age of 15 in Satyajit Ray's Apu Sansar- aka The World of Apu. I met her after she spoke at the Kennedy Center a few years back! The co-star here was Rajendra Kumar - one of several very successful actors of this era.

    In the film (according to Wikipedia - i havent seen this one in its entirety), "Raju Rajendra Kumar leaves his little town to work in Mumbai" ....

    The contrast between modern (westernized) city folks and rural/tribal/village people is one that was often highlighted in these old films.. and continues to pop up in many modern films as well. I don't know enough about indigenous tribal village cultures in India (there are a total of 645 distinct tribes officially recognized in India) but I know that many of the outfits (including all the colorful jewelry) seen in these old films are often based on traditional clothing from rural village tribes.

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