Children's Place girl's tee: good at shopping, not math

The Children's Place, a massive retail chain, markets a t-shirt to girls that shows a checklist of "my best subjects" in which "shopping," "music" and "dancing" are ticked off and "math" is not ticked. Way to help us raise our daughters, guys.

We understand that there are plenty of demands on a little girl’s time, and that she can’t possibly be expected to excel at every subject in the school of life. But hey, according to The Children’s Place (henceforth to be referred to as TCP), it’s okay because her best subjects of Shopping, Music and Dancing are all covered. As for math? Nobody’s perfect, so do’t worry about checking off that subject.

The Children’s Place Shirt: Don’t Worry If You Aren’t Good At Math — There’s Always Shopping [Mary Beth Quirk/Consumerist]