Derren Brown show's unepxected finale: wife pushes husband off balcony

Mentalist and conjurer Derren Brown got a hell of a shock during his Saturday night show: a woman pushed her husband off a 45' balcony "for a joke," sending him over the edge. He caught hold of a light-rig about halfway down and was pulled to safety.

Derren Brown describes man's 'terrifying' fall from theatre balcony [Press Association/The Guardian]

(via Dan Hon)

Notable Replies

  1. FTFA:

    The Palace theatre warns guests on its website not to sit in the highest tier if they are scared of heights or have limited mobility.

    ... or spouses prone to kill you "as a joke". BLAM! Ha ha, j/k!

  2. ..last line in every argument that couple ever has..."oh yeah, well you pushed me off a fucking balcony!"

  3. Uhm... not sure I get the joke...

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