Trapping Africa's animals — on camera

This great shot of a cheetah family comes from the Serengeti camera traps set up by University of Minnesota researcher Ali Swanson. The cameras are activated by heat and motion, and Swanson uses the help of citizen scientists to sort through the many, many pictures and identify species — a process that helps the scientists learn how those other big animals interact with the prides of lions that live in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.

Check out some other great photos from the camera traps at Minnesota Public Radio's Daily Circuit blog. (I'm a big fan of the dueling buffalo.)

Head to Snapshot Serengeti to help scientists learn about how animals live.

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  1. Stalk them and photograph them and then vanish into the night, as a way of saying, "We know where you live. We can get to you at any time. Shame if something bad happened to those cute cubs."

  2. Caption: "5 dollars? What, are they crazy?"

    "But mom, you said I could have a gazelle pop if I was good!"

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