Truckload of gas cylinders explodes 39 times

On a Russian highway, a truck filled with propane cylinders explodes 39 times, boom, boom, boom, each explosion more spectacular than the last.

Взрыв газели с балонами на МКАДе (via Kottke)

Notable Replies

  1. This can't be Russia. If it was Russia, there'd be people constantly driving right next to it giving zero fucks.

  2. That was deeply satisfying to my inner ten year old boy. This is why you run for blocks to watch a house burn. Just because something like this might happen. I can feel him skipping around in my head.

  3. 7:04 was worth the wait.

  4. A good bit you might have missed is at 3:22 where an airborne cylinder gets a stable upright position and slowly wobbles up and out of the top right corner of the frame.

    I can only guess that it was spinning very rapidly and gaining some sort of gyroscopic stabilization.

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