Vogue editor on the grotesque starvation of size-zero models


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  1. Mister44

    Cheer up! It gets better! My 7 year old is super smart and wonderful. We worked very hard at making sure her body self image is just fine the way it is, and keep her active enough to stay healthy. Of course my tune might change during the teen years. I'm terrified.

  2. Daemonworks

    As a photographer who has done some fashion work, I find the notion that walking skeletons make your clothing look better to be moderately insane. We've used models in all shapes, sizes and colours - and the responses so far have been very positive. Both on principle, for actually using diversity, but also because the customers can actually see what the clothing will look like /on them/.

    The companies with the worst track records for this seem to be the high-fashion houses where you aren't buying a dress with a label, you're buying a label with a dress, and the actual aesthetics take a back seat to the status value of the name.

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