Vintage Vice, a playlist of old-timey songs of drugs, sex, and booze

Below is a fantastic compilation of vintage tunes from the 1920s to 1940s about weed, prostitution, speed, booze, coke, and other vices. Here is the track list. (Surprisingly not included is Stuff Smith's "If You're A Viper" (1936,) beautifully sung in 1938 by Lorrain Walton in the clip above.) Here's "Vintage Vice":

Notable Replies

  1. How can the list not include Alberta Hunter singing My Handy Man?

  2. Felton says:

    My personal favorite (also not in the list) is Bessie Smith's Do Your Duty:

  3. surprisingly, no Rotten Cocksucker's Ball by the Clovers, either.

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