WalMart's trove of decade-old, massive, low-capacity hard-drives

Consumerist readers Caskey and Sara went digging through the shelves of a WalMart to see what kind of antiquated computer hardware they could find. They were not disappointed: at least one branch of the store is still selling massive, 2.5GB Seagate drives for $79 (for comparison, consider this $70, tiny 1TB hard-drive with 400X the capacity -- I've been using one as my office backup drive for a couple months and can personally attest to its reliability). There was more, too -- Consumerist has a whole series of them.

If you’re willing to sacrifice half a gigabyte and that glam hockey puck form factor, you could pick up a flash drive for five bucks instead. Maybe this would work out better if you tend to lose small objects.

You can still find Seagate drives of that size for sale, but that doesn’t mean that buying them is a wise investment. Indeed, terabyte drives are cheap.

Decade-Old Hard Drives Languish On Walmart Store Shelves, Make Us Sad [Laura Northrup/Consumerist]