Little Brother inspired Google to encrypt its users' traffic

On yesterday's "This Week in Google," a Google engineer called Matt Cutts revealed that the company started encrypting its queries in 2008 after reading my novel Little Brother, in which one of the plot-elements is a guerrilla movement that gets a friendly ISP to encrypt a lot of its traffic so that the movement's own encrypted connections won't stand out. I am incredibly honored and flattered to learn about this!

Coincidentally, I learned about this at the same time that Jens brought #oplittlebrother to my attention: it's a plan to organize a mass purchase of Little Brother on Saturday (tomorrow!).

This Week in Google 211: We Just Installed the Internet

Notable Replies

  1. They say they are encrypting but we have do not have any real, tangible assurances of security or privacy from Google. Sorry, not buying it. TNO - Trust. No. One.

  2. Great book, Cory. I enjoyed it. But unless Google is also encrypting all the email... this isn't much.

  3. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc... which is tantamount to having weak keys, obtainable keys, or having handed copies of the keys to the government. That's great they are encrypting, and all, yadda yadda, but dollars to donuts it's prone to break-in. BTW, loved Little Brother. It was awesome.

  4. Here are the posts by Cory:

    I looked at the past 100 posts (ignoring the "This Day in Blogging History" posts) and maybe 10 of them have to do with his work or him being a writer. I do not understand how you came to your conclusion that Cory is using BB as a PR machine.

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