Hugh Howey's 'Dust,' final volume in the Silo saga

Dust, the final installment of author and indie publishing star Hugh Howey's AMAZING "Silo" series, is out today! Hugh is an American author best known for this popular series which began with "Wool," independently published through's Kindle Direct Publishing system. That book became a sudden success in the Fall of 2011, and Hugh explains what happened next:

Originally just a novelette, the demand from Amazon reviewers sent me scurrying to write more tales in this subterranean world. The resulting Omnibus has spent considerable time in the Amazon top 100, has been a #1 Bestseller in Science Fiction on Amazon, and was optioned by Ridley Scott and Steve Zaillian for a potential feature film. The story of its success has been mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, Variety, and Deadline Hollywood among many others. Random House is publishing the hardback version in the UK in January of 2013.
Amazon link: Hugh Howey's Dust, Volume 3 of the Silo Saga.

Sadly, I haven't been able to finish the new installment yet -- but I can't wait to, as soon as I get some free time. Hugh tells us the video above was shot by a reader, Christopher Stocker.

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  1. Fantastic video and amazing books... What a day for WOOL fans!

  2. Rindan says:

    I have not read Dust yet, but I have read all the previous books. I am blown away that the first piece of that was a self publish novella. It isn't perfect, but for a first shot at writing, it is absolutely brilliant. I hope that this is a kick off to a long writing career. What I really enjoy is that he is both an excellent writer and the story is completely captivating and satisfying. It builds a sci-fi mystery and parcels out answers while proposing new ones. Far too often authors either never make a reveal, or the reveal is lackluster and all at once. The Silo series however just keeps me coming back from more. Having finished the last book, I feel like the puzzle is almost complete and I would know my arm off for the rest.

    I also LOVE how his books have no real villains. There are no psychopaths running around being evil for the fun of it. If someone does something awful, there is a reason. There is probably a damn good reason that you might empathise with. You can see why the "villains" behave as they are behaving and ask yourself which side you would pick if you had all the facts. There is no satisfying answer as to what the proper course is.

    The setting is extremely original. I read a lot of sci-fi. I have read it all. This is new.

    This guy is brilliant. If the Silo series is an example of what his future works might taste like, I hope he has a long and lucrative career. Seriously, the Silo series is brilliant. Go buy it right now.

  3. Wubby says:

    Damn you Boing Boing! Yet again you have made a book recommendation and gotten me hooked. Whipped through Wool, working my way through Shift and expect to grab Dust as soon as I can.

    Rindan's comment is dead on. Howey's really seems to understand the concept of "Everyone is the hero of their own narrative". It's amazing how important that is to a story. Conflict arises, not because bad people act against good people, but because good people act on differing ideals. I certainly know who the "bad guy" is, but I can't bring myself to outright hate them.

    Once again, damn you Boing Boing!

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