This Day in Blogging History: Song of Mitt's self; Graphic novel of Zinn's "People's History"; Tropical skin-sore

One year ago today
Song of Mitt's Self: The real Mitt Romney stands up and reflects on who he is, what he believes and why he is running for office.

Five years ago today
Howard Zinn's "A People's History of American Empire" graphic novel: A new edition illustrated by Mike Konopacki and aided by historian Paul Buhle. A People's History of American Empire focuses on the history of American foreign policy, starting with the policy of conquering America itself, with brutal massacres like Wounded Knee.

Ten years ago today
Please diagnose my tropical island skin sore: I noticed it when I accidentally brushed my hand against the side of my shin. A crusty weirdly-fragile scab came off. And an oozy sore was there.