NASA sells off shuttle launch platforms


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  1. edgore

    Art car and mobile camp all in one!

  2. AcerPlatanoides

    I was considering opening a droid salvage and repair operation.

  3. xzzy

    Gonna park it in the driveway to the Atlas site I also want to buy.

  4. collectSPACE

    There's been a misunderstanding. NASA is not selling off the crawler-transporters — the two massive tracked vehicles are both being upgraded and modified for use with NASA's planned Space Launch System (SLS).

    The three platforms NASA is now seeking new use(s) for are the mobile launch platforms (MLPs) that rode atop the crawlers to the launch pads and served as the base from which the Saturn V, Saturn IB and space shuttles were launched.

    NASA built a new MLP for its now canceled Ares I rocket and that is now also being modified for use with the SLS, resulting in the three earlier MLPs no longer being needed.

  5. kmccrory

    You're gonna get some hop ons.

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