CNN and NPR can't be bothered to address Manning as female (UPDATED)


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  1. maggiekb

    Two thoughts here:

    1) Xeni is talking about journalism style guides, not random comments on the Internet. Journalism style guides very much care. About everything. That is why some widely-used guides (like AP) are published in actual, annually updated books. With ring binding, so you can reference them easily and constantly. There's a lot of thought put into what goes into a journalism style guide. To say otherwise means you're woefully misinformed.

    2) Whether it's calculated or not, I'd argue that it's still a pretty big insult to hear somebody say "This is who I am and how I would like to be addressed" and to continue to ignore that request because you just don't give a crap.

  2. PurpleStater

    Dang. I went to speak with my wife (who's currently a medical student) about this immediately after posting, and she brought up the same point, about the difference between "sex" and "gender" and I came right back to correct my post, but responses were already made. smile (Hey, I accept it when I'm wrong!)

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