Don't fly while brown during Ramadan, even if you're Hindu

Aditya Mukerjee was treated like shit by TSA, police, and Jet Blue because they thought the NYC-based data scientist, Linux geek, and Hacker-in-residence at @qventures was a Muslim terrorist. Mukerjee happens to be Hindu, not Muslim, not that it's reasonable to presume that Muslims are terrorists either. His blog post about a really awful experience at JFK recently is here: "Don't Fly During Ramadan."

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  1. CLamb says:

    Does anyone know which common substances could trigger an explosive detector? I thinking maybe a nitrate based fertilizer.

  2. You mean pure and unadulterated racist bullshit?

    Yes, it does.

  3. The stinger at the end is what makes me all grumpy-cat face.

  4. Well, not saying that is true, but it does send a strong message. It means, 'we are watching you'. Which is pretty much the single most terrorirific aspect of this whole new surveillance regime.

  5. cosine says:

    Yes... the gov't behaves completely logically at all times... they never do fucked up weird shit for no reason... ever...

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