Short film: I forgot my phone

Video Link. Written by and starring Charlene deGuzman. Directed by Miles Crawford.

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  1. I like imagining what she does to that guy's fucking phone just after the film ends.

  2. So you're not even going to apologize? Just say "yep"?

    It was not only offensive, it's inaccurate and just plain WRONG. So you enjoy being inaccurate and wrong about things? AND purposely offensive while you're at it? How impressive. How edgy. How mature. How intelligent. /s

  3. As a smartphone avoidant and dumbphone occasional user, I feel this short film very much. I have a slightly different interpretation of it since I didn't forget it (or I purposefully forgot to buy one), but the resulting thought might be the same. Can't you just turn the phone off, enjoy the present moment and keep it in your volatile memory?

  4. toyg says:

    Ahaha, so we're all stupid, we don't know how to live in the present moment anymore, how nice it was to wander aimlessly or wait hours for people to show up...

    Fuck that.

    I hated when people would agree on a meeting somewhere, then show up half an hour later or worse, forcing me to stand like an idiot around some corner with nothing to do. I hated when I was somewhere, forced by social obligation, getting bored stiff. I hated when I'd get lost, without a map or a gps. I hated having to find a phone, have change, or having to ask some bar owner to use his line at extortionate rates. And so on, and so forth.

    My wife gets angry that I check the phone too often, and then she's the one who can't cook a meal without having to take a picture of it with a DSLR. Humans are fucked up like that, and it has nothing to do with phones. But no, it was all better when we'd just sit in front of a dumb tv getting dumber and dumber, or getting fucked over by people agreeing on meetings they never really planned to attend.

    It's hypocrisy all the way down.

  5. I pretty much only have a phone because my mom hated worrying about me. She doesn't call me even now but it made her feel better.

    On the other end of the spectrum, having a pocket sized device which gets internet has proven to be a life saver for me. I've gotten the internet equivalent of odd glances for bringing up practical aspects of my social anxiety on BBS before but ...

    Most sensible people will leave you alone if it looks like you're doing something. Whereas the "headphone code" doesn't really seem to work on some people (the headphone code says "if I have headphones on (or earbuds in, whatever) don't talk to me unless I'm on fire.").

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