Flash Gordon (1980)


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  1. Heather

    I couldn't be more happy that it was a discussion with me that prompted that post. I love Flash Gordon as much today as I did when I was four.

  2. mike_sean

    Campy as it is, I think it still holds up. But I'm also blinded by deep nostalgia -- HBO had this on heavy rotation in the early '80s and it became a staple of my childhood. Of course it became one of the first DVDs I bought.

    Even as a kid, I remember finding it weird that Ming had never heard of Earth, "an obscure body in the S-K system," yet when they cut to a shot of his 'dashboard of disasters,' nestled between options for "Hot Hail" and "Typhoon" is a button clearly labeled "Earth Quake."

  3. Herbie

    Oh totally. I've seen this movie about 50 times, maybe more (thanks, HBO). When I got the blu-ray and, I'll admit it, enjoyed an herbal remedy (which I hadn't in years because of anxiety) it was a religious experience. Being a massive Queen fan doesn't hurt, either. Then I saw "Ted" a week later and thought, "Seth MacFarlane could possible have been my brother." I'ma go watch this again right now.

  4. SmashMartian

    So what we're really saying here is... Gordon's Alive?

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