How to make stilts, from the Dad's Book of Awesome Projects

Mike Adamick is the author of Dad's Book of Awesome Projects: From Stilts and Super-Hero Capes to Tinker Boxes and Seesaws. The projects include making a balance board, eggshell cupcakes, comic book shoes, a vintage modern silhouette, crayon shapes, a duct tape crayon wallet, friendship bracelets, homemade Play-Doh, a garden trolley, homemade ice cream, goo slime, superhero capes, popsicle stick bridges, a wooden sword, and more.

Here's an excerpt that shows how to make stilts (PDF)

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  1. Twice I've brushed bolts and left an actual strip of skin hanging off the end (shudder).

    I use bolts and big screws for rough wood working, and I countersink everything by widening the hole with a cheap step drill bit or a spade bit. Also, you get to use shorter bolts, which saves trips to the hardware store.

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