Volkwagen Microbus to end production


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  1. Vanwall

    Bummer. We still have our '90 Vanagon Multivan, a waterboxer, and it hauls plenty around in it, including grandkids. The sound is distinctive enough that the small units, who call it "The Bus", get excited when they hear us coming. Sic Transit Gloria...Westfalia

  2. EricHunting

    Who can one contact at VW to propose the abandoned Kombi be released as an Open Source hardware design? There seems to be no useful contact information on any VW web site. We missed this opportunity with VW Bug, which should have been the first de-facto public domain automobile given its ubiquity and the number of third party component manufacturers globally. But there was no open development concept at the time of its abandonment and the third party parts/accessories industry lacked the coherence of the PC industry when it 'appropriated' the IBM PC architecture. The Microbus T2 architecture has some problems from an open design standpoint, since it's still based on antiquated pressed steel welded unibody construction. But there are many benefits in the developing world context to creating the possibility for an open independent production and development with the vehicle that could see it evolved to suit smaller scale industrial process (ie, space frame and modular body panel) and alternative energy use. I think it would be a practical platform for re-imagining the ideals of Tony Howarth's failed Africar.

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