Glitch embroidery and stitching

This is Nukeme. I met him at the Tokyo Maker Conference in June. He was wearing a cool MAKE shirt that had a messed up logo. The flaw is intentional. He calls it "glitch embroidery." He gave me one of the shirts and I love it.

Above, an example of Nukeme's glitch stitching. I emailed him last week to tell him I like his work. He sent me a couple of videos (below) that show how he does glitch embroidery and glitch stitching.

I like the sound the knitting machine makes when it runs over the metal pins.

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  1. They were showing this at FAB9 yesterday in Yokohama. It’s an older Silver Reed knitting machine with a USB interface and custom software. The carriage requires a surprising amount of strength (probably needs to be tuned up).  Here is an old Japanese crowdfunding page (which was funded)


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