Pixar boss Steve Jobs hated one thing about The Incredibles

At Cult of Mac, Sarah Lai Stirland offers an amusing anecdote from Pixar Director Mark Andrews, who got to tell Steve Jobs off.
Mark Andrews, a writer, director and storyboard artist at Pixar, recounted that Jobs would often drop in to participate in production postmortems. It was at the company’s screening of “The Incredibles,” about a family of superheroes living undercover in the suburbs, where he first met Apple’s late co-founder. Andrews worked on the project as its story supervisor. “He was sitting next to me and he said: ‘I just got one thing, John and Brad,’[the film's producer and writer/director] They said: ‘Sure, what is it Steve?’ He said: ‘Those stupid-ass, George Lucas-reject Star Wars space ships in “The Incredibles” are asinine!’” Andrews said. “And I designed ‘em, and I turned around and I said: ‘Excuse me, Steve, those are MY George Lucas-reject fuckin’ asinine space ships!’

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  1. What space ships? The omnidroids? The delivery rocket for the droids?

    I'm somewhat confused.

  2. He hated the wrong thing!

    I hated the fact that they copied the stupid Disney thing and made sure the cartoon villain was both unredeemable and stupid and 'had to get punished' in the end.

    I mean, compare that to Paranorman . . . THAT movie has humanity in it through and through.

    That bar needs to get raised! That's part of how we raise our kids.

  3. After he said that, the space ships were no more, so we'll never know!

  4. Blockquote The only thing I thought Incredibles screwed up on is that moment where Syndrome just HAS to get himself killed because we're trained to like movies where somebody gets punished for being bad in the end.

    Nonsense. That was about not wearing capes, and a valuable lesson for us all.

  5. The joke here is to assume that Steve Jobs had something interesting or clever to say about absolutely everything. I liked the design on the Incredibles & enjoyed the film. I though it has some good insights & lines, and people who worked on it have every right to be proud & defensive about their work. I'm glad someone told Steve Jobs to fu*k off. If more people had done that he wouldn't have been such an insufferable bore.

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