This Day in Blogging History: Rocketship doll house; Bush-McCain Tijuana bibles; Sequel to Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

One year ago today
Rocket ship/doll house: A nicely built doll-house shaped like a handsome modernist rocket ship.

Five years ago today
Bush-McCain "Tijuana Bibles" at DNC: Ethan Persoff (the fellow who is covering the riot police at the DNC) has printed a special edition of his (X-rated) McCain "Tijuana Bible" to hand out to folks at the convention.

Ten years ago today
Sequel to Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom on Salon: A couple years ago, right after I sold the novel, I wrote a short-story set in the same world as the book, but a century or more later. It's a parable about Napster, and it's called Truncat, and today, Salon has published it. And you can read it for free.

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