Minimalist moneyclip pocket knife

I've been wanting something that'll be useful for crafting and boxcutting--where sharpness is a must--as well as general pocketknife duties. This model from Gerber, spotted by Uncrate, looks just perfect. It's genuinely pocketable, uses replaceable razors, and doubles as a moneyclip. I've ordered one--a $9.91 impulse buy at Amazon--and will report back when it arrives at the BB lair. [via Uncrate]

Update: there's an even cheaper Gerber for just $9 shipped, but it's a little larger.

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  1. SamSam says:

    Why didn't they include a small hole so you could attach a keychain to it?

    Any recommendations for a similar tiny razorblade knife that could attach to a keychain?

  2. VVelox says:

    Meh. For the same price or a bit cheaper, it is possible of getting folding one with a handle that is actually good.

    That handle is not going to be comfy or safe to use.

  3. There are several variants made by Kobalt that appear to be about $6-$10 at Lowes that have locking handles and keychain attachment possibilities.

  4. If your need it really sharp (like for slicing a splinter out of your fingertip), keep a small ceramic stick handy to touch up those razor blades.

    And for box cutting, I like the smallest 12" Tramontina machete.

  5. @Bloo it does have a lock, although it's of a kind I haven't seen before; you have to move a small spring in the handle to one side to close it.

    I've owned one for about a year, and I like that it's pretty much the smallest package you can put a regular utility blade into.

    However, I get no love from pocketknife fanatics. I guess utility knives, even innovative and small ones, just aren't cool.

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