What's in the 1983 Sears Catalog?

Wired offers a gallery of "Amazing and Ridiculous" (that's slideshowese for "old") gadgets from a 1980s Sears catalog.

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  1. So, as amusing at it is to laugh at the clunky old technology used by our forefathers, when the hell did boomboxes become some tool of the ancients worthy of our derision? Hell, besides the plain rectangular shape, the only difference between the ones in that article and the ones for sale on BestBuy.com right this minute is that the new ones play mp3s.

    And 10-speed bikes? What the eff? You can walk into any Walmart in the country and buy a bike identical to the one in this catalog. "Amazing and ridiculous" my arse.

  2. The Canon AE-1 was the camera to have in the late 1970s early 1980s.

    Maybe so, but all the hipster cool kids had the AT-1, which required more manual operation. Good times.

  3. My first home computer was an Atari 800XL. I played with a Sinclair too. Ah, the golden age of computing.

  4. but i still wonder what's a WaferTape

  5. I loved the Sears catalogs, particularly the Holiday Wishbooks. My sister and I would go through it and circle all the toys we wanted. Or, more accurately, all the toys we had a halfway-reasonable chance of getting. There was this badass chopper-style bicycle they made in the 70s (very similar to the Sears Spyder pictured below)

    that I coveted with all my heart, but knew we'd never be able to afford.

    I bought my very first drumkit out of the last regular Sears catalog in 1993. It was a five-piece Gretsch Blackhawk kit I bought for $299 without hardware. My nephew has it now.

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