Massive canyon hidden below Greenland's ice

Scientists using radio waves to estimate the thickness of the ice sheet that covers Greenland found a canyon — more than 2600 feet deep and almost 500 miles long — buried under the ice. Longer than the Grand Canyon, the Greenland canyon hasn't ever been seen by humans. It was probably last completely uncovered 4 million years ago.

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  1. I take they didn't find the mountains of madness yet?

  2. Thanks to global warming we'll someday be able to see this magnificent sight! If it were up to those wimpo-commie environmentalists it would remain forever hidden from view.

  3. jimp says:

    Wrong end of the planet...those are in Antarctica. smile Book a tour through Miskatonic Travel today. It'll be a life-changing experience.

  4. Careful, that ravine is full of creepers.

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