Pencil revolution

Here is the best website about pencils. The Atlantic's Rebecca J. Rosen sings its praises:

So, the obvious question is, why pencils? What is it about pencils that merit this sort of attention, this level of devotion? Johnny Gamber, the site's creator and leader, answered that for me over email. What draws him to pencils are "their relative simplicity." But, at that same time, that simplicity obscures an object that, as Gamber sees it, is "amazing," if you just look closely enough. "While mostly made of wood, graphite and clay, they are wonders of engineering," he writes. "Even terrible pencils are made with astounding precision.

Yes, of course, the author loves our house instrument, the Blackwing 602.

Notable Replies

  1. Anything worth doing is worth doing with an all-consuming obsession.

    I'm actually not being sarcastic. Perhaps a touch ruefully self-deprecating. For me, the core feature of being a geek is taking genuine joy in things most people overlook, and I love to see people who do so with panache and try to share that joy.

  2. Pencils for drawing, pens for writing.

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