Plan to name new Bay Bridge span after Willie Brown opposed

Seems the plan to name the new Bay Bridge span after Willie Brown has hit a snag. From the SF Chronicle: "People don't like renaming things, whether it's Willie Brown or Harvey Milk, and they especially don't like it when it comes from someone from L.A." No mention, however, of this petition to name it for Emperor Norton.

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  1. I signed that petition to rename the bridge for Emperor Norton a few weeks ago, but then I realized that I was mistaken to do so. Going to Sacramento, petition in hand, asking for permission to rename the bridge after the Emperor? That is not the way to honor his memory. What Norton would have done is simply declared, fait accompli, that the bridge was and had always been named for him. And that is what we should do as well.

    That thing connecting San Francisco and Oakland is the Emperor Joshua Norton Bay Bridge, or the Norton Bridge for short. Refer to it that way whenever you mention it. Eventually it will become the common name, and they'll have to put up signs.

    Make it happen, people. You have the power.

  2. I don't think ethanol is actually deriding your petition or downplaying it. Just expressing the sentiment that we should behave in the way that Emperor Norton would have.

    "What Would Emperor Norton Do?" is possibly the most profound statement any of us can ask ourselves as we prepare to take on audacious bullshit.

  3. I favor naming it the Brown Bridge, but not after Willie Brown. It should be named after San Francisco's iconic and delightful Brown Twins, Marian and Vivian! Sadly, Vivian passed just this past January.

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