Darth Vader's Theme vs. Beethoven

Master classical improvisor Richard Grayson satisfies an audience request to perform "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) in the style of Beethoven.

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  1. The organist at a church I used to go to sometimes worked the U of Michigan fight song into the quiet interlude music. I don't think anyone but the choir ever caught on. He'd sometimes put it in the pedals, sometimes on one of the registers, with the rhythm totally altered to sound hymn like. I think he was trying to make the choir laugh out loud, it was hard to keep from snickering at times.

  2. I've listened to this twice, and it's very pretty, but it's not really recognizable as the Imperial March, so...

  3. jerwin says:

    well, one of beethoven's styles, anyway.

  4. That's no moonlight sonata.

  5. Kimmo says:

    I'm suddenly reminded of this.

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