'Excellent Horse-Like Lady,' posthumous viral hit by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's executed ex-girlfriend

The artist in this 2005 video is Hyon Song-wol, former vocalist of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble (보천보전자악단), and reported former paramour of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. He is reported to have recently had her executed by firing squad, along with band members, possibly for making a sex tape, but who knows.

"The original song title translates into 'A Girl In The Saddle Of A Steed (준마처녀),' but 'Excellent Horse-Like Lady' has served well in generating many views," explains the person who uploaded the video.

NPR has the lyrics, and more on what's known about the artist.

Notable Replies

  1. Holy hell North Korea sucks.

  2. "A Girl In The Saddle Of A Steed" has much more amusing connotations.

  3. I couldn't follow this episode of "How It's Made" at all.

  4. There's apparently some reason to believe that Jong-un's wife was upset about his relationship with the singer, and that the executions were ordered to make her happy.

    On the other hand, his willingness to execute a (former?) lover would also serve as a fairly effective way to remind his wife (any anyone else he's currently sleeping with) to do exactly as he says...

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