Samsung announces watch

The $300 Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which connects to phones via bluetooth, was revealed today along with a selection of new Android phones. The good: a great display and a surprisingly good camera. The bad: sluggish interface and, get this, just 10 hours per battery charge. [The Verge]

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  1. 10 hours of battery is a deal killer, but it is something they might be able to address in version 2 with a more efficient chip and maybe smarter power management and probably a bit higher capacity battery. \

    Of course if this does take off I can't wait for the inevitable screen size arms race from the various manufacturers, just like in the Android smartphone market. In 4 or 5 years we'll be able to buy a watch the size of an old iPhone because screen size is king, and then people will hack them into regular phones because Android phones will be too big to fit in their pocket anymore.

  2. I bought the Galaxy SIII when it was still the top of the line for Samsung, and am peeved at them for not being able to upgrade the phone to the newest Android software ... maybe ever. Yes, I could root. Yes I could do this fix. Yes I could do that fix, but for goodness sake I shouldn't have to when I am paying hundreds of dollars plus locked into a contract.

    I gotta say, I am not an Apple fan, but I'm considering the switch.

  3. Agreed. I find that if I shut the Pebble down at night while I'm sleeping, I can often eke out a full week or more on a single charge.

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