The art of Ringo Starr

It's all done on computer. [↬↬↬Max Read] Previously.

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  1. Ringo's art (done in paint, I believe, rather than a computer) previously appeared on a credit card. I need to be slapped in the face, intellectually, just for knowing that.

  2. Falcor says:

  3. miasm says:

    As you wish.

  4. DevinC says:

    I thought the site was a joke at first. But I did some searching (here, here and his official site) and saw, to my horror, it was sincere. (Unless Ringo's trolling us all.)

  5. samsa says:

    I guess fewer people call you on your bullshit when you're famous, and no one calls you on your bullshit when you're megafamous.

    Ringo, this is bullshit.

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