Ink-wash Alien

I'm not able to figure out where, exactly, this sumi-e ink-wash-style painting of the Alien originates, but it's something else. The garbled machine translation of this Chinese article seems like a promising lead, but I can't make heads nor tails of it.

(via Kadrey)

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  1. Google allows for reverse image searches now, just type the url of an image and it'll find other pages with matching or similar images. I did that and turned up this article that explains the origin--someone in China claims to have found it at a flea market and is using it to claim that Giger stole the alien design from a Chinese artist.

  2. It will be interesting to learn who Qi Baishi is and what his painting might have meant but ultimately, I just want a big ol' poster of them ink-washed xenomorphs!

  3. This was thoroughly debunked months ago.
    The aliens in the pic are based on Aliens in the later films (not Giger's original xenomorph)
    And the image bares distinctive traces of Adobe, (not even a real ink drawing)
    It is fun though!

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