You Are Not So Smart 008: Video Games and Self Delusion

Guess what -- Boing Boing has added a new show to its line-up of terrific podcasts! It's called You Are Not So Smart and it's hosted by David McRaney, a journalist and self-described psychology nerd. He's the author of the books You Are Not So Smart and You Are Now Less Dumb. David runs the You Are Not So Smart website, a blog about about the psychology of self delusion. In each episode, David explores cognitive biases and delusions, and is often joined by a guest expert. David concludes each episode by eating a delicious cookie. Enjoy! -- Mark

In this episode we discuss the how video games can help us understand our delusions and speak with Jamie Madigan, the curator of Also, at the end, we eat a white chocolate oatmeal cookie and discuss a misconception about poverty.

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  1. I look forward to listening to this. I am about half way done with “You are not so Smart” and it’s brilliant.

  2. This is very good indeed.
    Talking about Candy Crash Saga: when lives end up, a lot of people don’t pay, or wait or ask friends. They simply “time machine” in the future to get a new 5 lives set. So it’s possible to play all day long. Which is scary. And I do that :)

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