Bent book bookends

Дмитрий Куляев's "Books" is a set of bookends made from mutated, bent hardcovers, or reasonable facsimiles thereof. No indication if they ever went into production or were just one-offs (to be honest, they might even be renders -- can you tell from the pixels?). He's got some other nice pieces -- check out the bulletproof vest and cold arms.

Books (via That Book Smell)

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  1. Conceptually, these are exquisite. They need to exist in a form with enough mass to do the job; somebody please - make it so!

  2. Dunno about rendering, but that's not a real Everyman's Library R. L. Stevenson: they're much more attractively rounded on their edges, much more commodiously fashioned to look at and to hold. The copy on the shelf looks like library binding to me, maybe a Shoop?

  3. The pages of the bent books wouldn't be still aligned, unless the books' covers and pages were steam bent...and were actually made of wood, not paper.

    'Shop, if you ask me.

  4. Enkidu says:

    Дмитрий Куляев

    Is it a thing now to leave Cyrillic untransliterated? Fortunately, that's one of very few non-Roman alphabets I know, so I can help by fellow BBers out by telling them it's "Dmitri Kulyaev"--but I hope I'm not also going to have to learn kanji or Arabic to get through my daily "wonderful things".

    Oh, and on-topic: render or not, I love the idea of those bookends...I hope they make it into production at some point.

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